Kin Slo Pitch Homerun Derby Rules
Only bats allowed in Kinsmen Tournament to be used.
Pitching Machine will be used.
3 pitches first round, 2 pitch second round.
Every pitch counts even if batter doesn't take it.
No warm up pitches on diamond.
Entry Fee & Prizes
No refunds. Goes rain or shine. $20.00 Entry Fee

Enter at Kin Central, Vision Park

Ladies - Saturday 7:00pm

Mens - Sunday 7:00pm

Battle on CUPE Diamond
next to the Gardens


1st Place - Worth Bat & Bragging Rights

2nd Place- Worth Players Bag

3rd Place - Worth Prize
Played on Cupe Diamond approx. 7:00 pm Saturday (Ladies)and Sunday (Mens).
$20.00 entry fee per batter.
Home runs must be fair balls to qualify.
Must hit a minimum one home run to advance to the second round!




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